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Favorite ILL Mitch Lyrics


I'm ill mitch
now listen me recording
when i'm on street you know i be boarding
anyone who boards shall call me board master
up on your board? i'll mitch board faster
wear okley shades,yes i do
say no to rollerblades and social due
ride my board in the street
my board and i'm ill
ride my board so quick
ride my board down a hill
i ride in a pool, i ride a half tube
i board fast like gleam in the cube
if you got a problem with tony hawk
get off your board and take a phony walk
going to fast you cna barely see me board
i go faster than a ranger ford
in russia call me danger lord
come take a seat on my anger sword

look at my helmet when i vest for speed
when i use microphone i'm the best you need
i have two sides one happy one anger
you can ask a stranger my board is fast and danger

got ill mitch style like no one has
my boards wheels spin fast like taz
no interview you bony talk-man
i only listen to my sony walkman
your mommas wack
your granny's wack
i keep a handy wipe in my fanny pack
in russia women love her ford
i save my money for a hover board
in japan you know the gattos
understand i got the hot flows
when i board i never loner
on full-moon i ride with boner
looking for target its a missile crissis
wait for impact
this is pricless,boom!
dust cloud, cover ears ill mitch bust loud
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