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ILL Mitch Fans UNITE
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This is Ill Mitch, we love him, he is sexier than you. Don't h8!

Mitch likes to punch and rap. It's the Russian way.

To person who throw me a fruit to my helmet on street. I know color year and styles of saturn car you drive and I tell my probations officer what you look. If I catch you on the drive by my front I do you a serious danger and I can tell you "one thing" you don't drive thats "for sure". You crazy fan.


ILL MITCH has stunned the world with his powerful lyrics and emotional syle. He has come to America to win the hearts of many, and is doing so with his moving songs such as "Fans are Friends", "fast and danger", and who could forget "Rap To the World" Ill Mitch captures the image of a struggling, sexy, foreign youth trying to make it in the fast-paced American Life.

Social capital

  • less than 10